We aim to create a piece of work that can be performed in almost any public space and doesn’t rely on the machinery of a traditional theatre. In this way we can perform in schools, libraries, galleries as well as rural touring venues in addition to the traditional theatres and arts centres.

This show will be accompanied by workshops where we demonstrate how the technologies we use in the show can be made, coded and imaginatively adapted by almost anyone.

The hope is that we can inspire young people, girls especially, to embrace STEAM projects as the exciting future for technology and creative expression.

The STEAM movement is taking Science Technology and Maths subjects (STEM) and adding Art & Design, recognising that these are all part of the human creative urge and experience and not mutually exclusive realms. Ada Lovelace understood that and predicted a future where computers would create music and art and not be simple counting machines.

Humankind needs future Ada Lovelaces to survive and flourish and we want to inspire them now with the Ada project.



A Heartfelt Thank You.

All private backers or companies will be included on the Ada friends and supporters webpage unless they choose to be anonymous. Unlimited Availability.


Public Thanks on Social Media

A tweet to say thank you from us, leave a Twitter handle if you want to or we will just name you, unless you elect to remain mysterious and anonymous.


Ahead Of The Game

Beat the rush for tickets with advance notice of where and when you can get the best seats in the house to see the brilliant work you have helped to make possible. Unlimited Availability.


Get A Signed Script

Get yourself a copy of the printed and published #ADAplay script signed by the team. Also includes a bonus tweet of thanks. 50 available


Rock History Artefact No 1

Bag a bit of Rock History and own this musical instrument featured on Haiku Salut record. Only One available! * Wheezy is the original Haiku Salut reed organ used on their first EP How We Got Along After The Yarn Bomb. Wheezy was difficult to hear at shows, was complicated to tour with and was sadly put into retirement in 2011. Gone but not forgotten, Haiku Salut paid tribute to old dusty lungs on the song Train Tracks For Wheezy found on their debut album Tricolore. *Postage not included.


Rock History Artefact No 2

Another priceless Haiku Salut Rock History Artefact. Only one available*. Geraldo was a Christmas present given to Louise in 2010. And thus Haiku Salut was born. Already an antique when he arrived, Geraldo's lifespan was soon dramatically diminished as he was thrown back into touring. Punctured bellows and all Gezza toured the UK and flew in an economy seat to Sweden. He came back a shell of his former self. Settling nicely into retirement on Gemma and Sophie's cabinet Gezza enjoys fulfilling his original purpose of looking pretty and occasionally whistling some very familiar tunes. *Postage not included


Personal Video Message Of Thanks

A personal Thank You Youtube video message for the world to see and you to cherish. Unlimited availability.


Limited Edition Signed Record

A special #ADAplay signed Haiku Salut record. Only five available


Framed, Signed, Delivered!

Get a glossy, high-quality A1 size print of #ADAplay show poster signed by the cast and creative team, framed and delivered. Limited to 10 copies only


Unique Production Photograph

Five different photographic images will be chosen from the final production and turned into a single high quality poster image, signed and framed. Only five available


Music Recording Session

Come to an #ADAplay recording session as Haiku Salut create the soundtrack. Four available


Name A Song!

Haiku Salut will write a song with a title of your choosing. Only one available


Unique Design Artwork

A unique example of #ADAplay design artwork, hand drawn, framed and signed


Experience The Work In Progress

Special VIP access. Come and meet the cast and creative team and sit in on a rehearsal session to see the working progress. 20 available


Producer Credit

In addition to the social media expression of gratitude your name will be included in the credits for promotional videos, the script, production programme notes. Coming to meet the cast and creative team at a performance or rehearsal also included and there might also be hugs. 20 available

Risks and challenges

The first and greatest risk is that the show doesn’t happen because we cannot raise the funds to pay people for their enormous efforts and skills we require to create show. As with all theatre productions there is a considerable financial outlay bringing a piece of work to the public before any ticket sales begin to recoup some of that outlay.
Before the public can see the show the writers, composers, designers, directors and performers have to create and rehearse the work while builders and costume and prop makers construct the physical elements.

After that we have to get the show out into venues and marketed effectively so we spread our message and touch as many people as possible from as many backgrounds as possible. This requires the appointment of specialist officers.
So we can do all these things we need to raise funds and a successful crowdfunding campaign is an essential part of that process.

If we can demonstrate that enough people believe in #ADAplay to back it themselves then other funding organisations such as the Arts Council or potential co-producing partners are more likley to come on board and join us. So please help us to reach our funding target so we can help inspire the computing geniuses of the future.